Monday, December 29, 2014

Tredici Ristorante - Authentic Italian Fine Dining Place

Hello Everyone,

We are approaching to the closing of 2014 yet this could be the only one blog that i posted this year.
Hope everything is going well and expected as you guys wishes. This year for myself has been so busy with my major job as a senior staff for HSE department in Japan Automotive Industry in somewhere west Java. I spent most of the time to deal with safety matters and so i lost my spare time to update my blog.

Never mind, for this blog as titled i've got chances to celebrate my 2nd anniversary relationship in Teridici Ristorante, a new fancy authentic Italian fine dining place in South Jakarta. 

As we entered this place, we were surely noticed with the italian atmosphere furnished with classic ornament and jazz music. On backside, there is a semi outdoor with romantic hanging lamp and touched with the mini fountain reflected the famous romantic street ambient in Italy. Unfortunately, i could not share the situation because i did not bring my wide lens.

Nevertheless, i do took a photo of our food that time and certainly you must try what we ordered as listed below :
Main dish : 1. Ravioloni con Spinaci e ricotta
                   2. Risotto con pollo ezucchine
Drink       :  1. Isabella (Green appple, watermelom, starwberry)
                   2. Carina (Carrot orange pinnaple)
Desert      : Panna cotta con fragole

Apart from what we ordered, we were given bunch of dried bread as free appetizer. For the price is worth to try  for the reason of its tasty and authentic food from Italy

At the end of words,
Happy New Year 2015 guys
Be a better and versatile person

Aderiza Brahmana